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We are a robust, flexible and extensible technology team that quickly delivers value to clients and prospects, whenever and however they need it.

Zeusoft is the premier provider of technologies and services specifically tailored to the unique needs of relationship-based organizations and professional services firms — from law firms to accounting firms to associations and foundations.

Because we understand these needs, we've built a solution that works with a firm's culture instead of against it. We understand that technology alone will not bring about success, and that's why we combine our technological knowledge with a breadth of services in order to provide a complete solution for our customers.


Our Amazing Clients

Zeusoft Partner Program Overview:

Zeusoft is committed to creating business alliances that ensure the success of Zeusoft for our customers. Our solutions partners offer complementary technology or content-related services to our Zeusoft solutions.

As a leading provider of CRM solutions and services for the professional services industry, we recognize that the strength of Zeusoft does not rely solely upon its technical capabilities. The business value of Zeusoft for our customers is built and supplemented, in a large part, by the complementary offerings of our partners.

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Relationships and the Value Chain

Opportunity Discovery

A new deal can't be pursued until the existence of the opportunity is discovered. Subtle clues to new business opportunities abound for those "plugged in" to a Relationship Intelligence system.

A prospect is promoted. A customer leaves his company to take a new position with a competitor.

A phone conversation takes place indicating a merger is about to happen. Our product notifies users when critical events occur to important contacts that could spell business opportunity.

Assembling Deal Teams

When a new opportunity arises, who within your company is best suited to pursue it?

Preferably those individuals with the necessary relationships, skills, experience and expertise to maximize your chances of winning.

ZeuSoft provides visibility into your organization's knowledge assets to ensure you're staffing deal teams with individuals most suited to the opportunity.

Opportunity Profiling

Even the best personal reference won't result in a sale if you can't make the strongest case for why your organization should win.

The ability to profile all facets of an opportunity, and match that profile to similar deals done in the past is an outstanding way of differentiating from the competition.

ZeuSoft provides sophisticated opportunity profiling tools to maximize your understanding of the sales issues and your ability to showcase your organization's capabilities.