Accounting Solutions

Accounting and Consulting Firms

Help you to proactively manage, track, and leverage client and prospect communications

The accounting/consulting industry is undergoing unprecedented change. Consolidation through mergers and acquisitions has intensified competition. Effectively cross-selling and up-selling services is increasingly critical to continued growth and expansion. And staff and client retention remain paramount concerns.

Now more than ever, giving accountants and consultants the ability to proactively manage, track, and leverage client and prospect communications is not only important, it's a necessity.

Financial Services

The financial services marketplace is rapidly converging. The need to track, manage and leverage all interactions with clients and prospects has never been more urgent.

Law Firms

Law firm's most valuable assets are the relationships it nurtures with clients and contacts. We simplify cultivating and managing the type of relationships that keep clients coming back from one matter to the next.

Management Consulting

Clients seek out management consulting firms to help them work more effectively and efficiently. Zeusoft CRM solution designed to accommodate the unique Relationship Intelligence needs of management consultants.

ZeuSoft captures all potentially meaningful information — regardless of where it is sourced — and delivers it to professionals, staff and marketing teams wherever they are, whenever they need it, on whatever platform they prefer. ZeuSoft can even harvest relevant data residing in your time and billing, HR, practice management and other enterprise applications and make that information available to users via its centralized knowledge base.

ZeuSoft creates a significant advantage for firms by enabling them to consolidate and capture client information in a central repository that is easy to retrieve. Moreover, because ZeuSoft is designed exclusively for professional services organizations, it can accommodate your unique needs for security, privacy and ease of use.

There are dozens of CRM products on the market today. But only one built uniquely for your accounting and consulting practice. Contact us today to learn how ZeuSoft can transform your relationships into revenue opportunities.