Financial Services

Financial Services

Enable You to track, manage and leverage all interactions with clients and prospects

The financial services marketplace is rapidly converging. Regulatory changes and new competitors are reshaping the marketplace. And venture capital, investment banking, private equity and other financial institutions are struggling with ways to cut costs, increase efficiencies and manage prospect, client and consultant relationships while still developing and enhancing the overall sales process. The need to track, manage and leverage all interactions with clients and prospects has never been more urgent.

Being able to leverage who in the firm knows whom, who knows what, and who knows how, can help uncover new business opportunities and enhance overall client service.

Accounting Solutions

Now more than ever, giving accountants and consultants the ability to proactively manage, track, and leverage client and prospect communications is not only important, it's a necessity.

Law Firms

Law firm's most valuable assets are the relationships it nurtures with clients and contacts. We simplify cultivating and managing the type of relationships that keep clients coming back from one matter to the next.

Management Consulting

Clients seek out management consulting firms to help them work more effectively and efficiently. Zeusoft CRM solution designed to accommodate the unique Relationship Intelligence needs of management consultants.

ZeuSoft is a client relationship management solution that empowers financial services firms to transform their scattered data into Relationship Intelligence — a firm-wide asset that reveals the unique and complex connections between people, companies, relationships, experience and expertise.

Relationship Intelligence empowers professionals to leverage who and what they know to uncover new revenue opportunities and close deals. Deal makers, analysts, asset managers and other financial professionals can quickly and easily mine ZeuSoft's Relationship Intelligence for competitive advantage.

Cultivating relationships that result in referrals and repeat business is key to a firm's success. ZeuSoft empowers firms to bolster their competitiveness and improve productivity through collaboration and information sharing. ZeuSoft can help your firm to start profiting from its Relationship Intelligence today.