Legal Solutions

Legal Solutions

Enabling you to care for the most valuable assets; relationships that nurtures with clients and contacts.

Chances are your best clients can find quality representation in any number of places. But they're loyal to you because of the relationships you've cultivated with them over time and the quality service you've provided them. They've had a positive experience with your firm and are satisfied with your skillful representation. They feel like you know them and their business. They trust you.

Relationships that result in referrals and new business are key to a law firm's long-term success. Having access to the right information, when and where it's needed, is critical.

Accounting Solutions

Now more than ever, giving accountants and consultants the ability to proactively manage, track, and leverage client and prospect communications is not only important, it's a necessity.

Financial Services

The financial services marketplace is rapidly converging. The need to track, manage and leverage all interactions with clients and prospects has never been more urgent.

Management Consulting

Clients seek out management consulting firms to help them work more effectively and efficiently. Zeusoft CRM solution designed to accommodate the unique Relationship Intelligence needs of management consultants.

ZeuSoft simplifies cultivating and managing the type of relationships that keep clients coming back from one matter to the next. How? By making it easy to store and quickly retrieve valuable Relationship Intelligence, such as client profiles, matters, notes, and activities. Even by making it easy to store and retrieve, "rainmaking" information like who knows whom, who knows what, and who knows how, can be accessed quickly with ease.

ZeuSoft centralizes a firm's collective knowledge, wisdom and experience about clients and contacts, and makes it available to all authorized users — from attorneys and marketing professionals to administrators and secretaries.

ZeuSoft is known in the legal marketplace as a leader in quality and innovation. As law firms continue to consolidate and grow their services, developing and maintaining personal relationships remains critical. ZeuSoft empowers these firms to bolster their competitiveness, client service and profitability.