Management Consulting Solutions

Management Solutions

Helping you to increase sell-thru rates and productivity, and maintain a healthy lead flow for new business.

Clients seek out management consulting firms to help them work more effectively and efficiently. But whether or not clients seek out your firm's services over the competition depends as much on your relationships as on your skill, expertise and reputation. That's why today's management consulting firm must be more client-driven than ever to optimize revenue from existing clients, increase sell-thru rates and productivity, and maintain a healthy lead flow for new business.

The challenge of multiple repositories, multiple vendors, diverse locations and costly data integration issues severely constrain most firms' ability to use client data effectively.

Accounting Solutions

Now more than ever, giving accountants and consultants the ability to proactively manage, track, and leverage client and prospect communications is not only important, it's a necessity.

Financial Services

The financial services marketplace is rapidly converging. The need to track, manage and leverage all interactions with clients and prospects has never been more urgent.

Legal Solutions

Law firm's most valuable assets are the relationships it nurtures with clients and contacts. We simplify cultivating and managing the type of relationships that keep clients coming back from one matter to the next.

At most consulting firms, islands of redundant client and prospect data abound, making it difficult to provide a truly unified face to the client. CRM software can help. The problem is, most CRM systems were designed to help your clients' business — not yours. Traditional CRM software automates field sales forces, call centers and a host of other business functions irrelevant to most management consulting firms.

But now there's a CRM software solution built just for management consulting firms — ZeuSoft— the first CRM solution designed to accommodate the unique Relationship Intelligence needs of management consultants.

If you thought the only options for your firm were to build your own CRM platform or customize a standard CRM package to meet your needs - think again. Now there's a system designed for you, and by you - ZeuSoft.