Top 5 things to consider before buying your Clone A Willy kit

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Truth be told, dildos aren’t for everyone. I can give you a buffet of reasons that people come up with to excuse themselves from buying a dildo. This could be as simple as having the wrong first-time experience or just not knowing how to use it properly. But why should Clone A Willy kit bear the brunt of these burdens *wink wink*

In this article I’ll guide you through the top 5 essential points you must keep in mind before buying your first Clone A Willy DIY kit. This guide will not only help you to decide if you should buy a Clone A Willy but will also act as a general guide for all dildo/vibrator lovers out there.

So buckle up and read on!

First of all, why buy a dildo or a vibrator at all?

This is an important question even though it might appear very trivial. Why would you need any external toy at all when your hands/fingers can do the job. And if you have a partner then it might look totally unnecessary to buy anything in the first place.

But trust me, that’s not the case. A dildo or vibrator or any sex toy for that matter isn’t there to replace anything in your life. Rather it’s just an addition to your sex life. If you imagine your sex life to be a pizza, don’t consider the toys to be the toppings. Instead, think of them as the condiments such as oregano which you sprinkle over to get some extra flavor. Sure the pizza is great on its own but some added flavors are always welcome.

Therefore, if you want to spice up your sex life, get yourself a good sex toy and trust me, you’ll absolutely love it!

But would that offend your partner?

Absolutely not. If your partner feels offended by this then you should explain it to him or her. You’re not replacing anyone using the toy. It’s just an addition to your sex life. Like any other luxury product, a sex-toy purchase should be well thought out, because when you invest in a sex toy, you’re investing in personal pleasure. It’s self-care at its finest.

Before shopping, think about what you want from your new toy. It’s the only way you can guarantee it’ll live up to its buzz. Now’s the time to decide whether you want to take a good look at your vibrator in-store or make the purchase online, which materials you prefer, and how much you want to spend.

So what all factors should you keep in mind before purchasing your Clone A Willy DIY kit?

  1. How are you related to the person you’re cloning?

    Well, not the person, but how are you related to him. That’s important. Is he your friend, is he someone you just sleep with, is he an ex, etc. These questions are crucial. Let’s say you just met some guy off tinder and you’ve been sleeping with him. Chances are if you end up having his cloned willy after he leaves, you’ll throw that away… unless it was that great!

    So, be sure what your expectations are when you decide on the person. The safest bet is to go for a long-term partner. That way the willy stays and so does the man.

  2. Is it really worth of being cloned?

    No offense but you do need to ask yourself this. Is the willy you’re trying to clone THAT amazing. If your answer is a maybe or a no, then I’d say wait for a while. In most cases, girls enjoy sex because of the complete package so unless the dick is a really gifted one, chances are you won’t be super fond of it in just its own form. Therefore, ask yourself if it’s really worthy of being cloned. If the answer comes out to be a resounding yes then yep, Clone A Willy it is!

  3. Do you want any modifications attached to it?

    Clone A Willy can be customized to add in a lot of modifications. One of my friends attached a lego base to it (don’t judge) while another attached a suction tube to put it on a wall and have her own “willy” time. So you’re only limited by your imaginations. Let it run wild and you’ll surely taste ecstasy with each new modification!

  4. Are you a fan of Glow in the Dark dildos or Nah?

    Some prefer their dildos to look as natural and as somber as possible while some like them bright and flashy. It’s a matter of personal preference. This is an important question because for many girls it’s a rather turn-off to see neon dildos out of nowhere in the dark. So ask yourself, what kind of dildos do you like. If you’re a big fan of neon glow-in-the-dark ones, then you surely are in for a treat as Clone A Willy has got some amazing range in their repertoire!

  5. Vibrator dildos or Nah

    The world is divided here. Some girls are a fan of multiple patterns and rhythms while some just want a single vibrating simulation. If you’re a fan of multiple rhythmic vibrators then this one might not be your best bet. Clone A Willy from Twice Tonight comes with a decent vibrator attachment that can surely give you toe-curling moments on any day but it lacks the multiple settings functionality. If that’s okay for you then dive right in. Otherwise, you may give it a second thought.

Now, with these 5 points, you can surely make up your mind if Clone A Willy is for you or not. Keep them in mind and you’ll surely get the best out of this amazing product. This DIY penis mold has garnered thousands of fans from every corner of the world hence you can be sure that it won’t disappoint, to say the least.

Just ask yourself the above questions and go for it. The only regret you will have is not finding us earlier *wink wink*.

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